Bella Gets Rescued

Bella Gets Rescued
32 Pages
ISBN 9781620205495

Bella is one pampered kitty! She has a warm bed, tasty food, and owners who love her but she was not always that way. Follow the humorous story of Bella, a sassy cat, who started off as a lonely kitten without a home or a family to love her. Bella ventures on a crazy journey as she moves from place to place, never knowing that what she really needed all along was a family to love her. But change is scary! In order to accept her new home, Bella must learn a valuable lesson.

...whether dodging raindrops or bolting under beds, this heartwarming tale of love winning out is sure to win the hearts of you and your children

Ellie Wakeman

About Ellie Wakeman (Chicago, Illinois Author)

Ellie Wakeman

Welcome! So, a little bit about me:

I have an MDiv in Christian Education and have spent the past 18 years as teacher and storyteller to children. I am mother to five, grandma to 7 and wife to one extraordinary man.

My ongoing prayer is that all would come to know the hope, joy, love and peace Jesus came to bring.


Author Ellie Wakeman "encourage.enrich.inspire ...because we're in this together"