Best of All Gifts

Best of All Gifts
334 Pages
ISBN 978-0-996046053

Sheila M. Cronin has published Best of All Gifts, a seamless continuation of the romance and family drama begun in her award-winning novel, The Gift Counselor. This addition to the gift counselor series can be read as a stand-alone book.

Set in the late 1990s, the main characters are Jonquil Bloom, a single mom with a knack for helping people choose ideal gifts, her ten-year-old son, and the man who yearns to make them a family. Problems arise in the Santa Monica department store where Jonquil works when her biggest detractor becomes her assistant. Happily, her romance is flourishing until the man she loves wants to get married sooner than later. The gift of a trip to Ireland with her son gives her a brief respite. After they return home, however, pressures mount when her long-lost father shows up seeking forgiveness. Then a new heartbreak threatens to darken her spirit until she discovers the best of all gifts.

Fans will enjoy the detailed gift counseling sessions as well as the quirky romance while new readers will delight in the uplifting story’s twists and turns. The story has a south-side-of-Chicago connection. The major characters are named after the streets or places in the South Shore neighborhood where the author grew up.

Sheila M Cronin

About Sheila M Cronin (Chicago, Illinois Author)

Sheila M Cronin

Sheila M Cronin is the award-winning author of The Gift Counselor. Her work has been published in Woman's World Magazine and The Golden Domer online newsletter of the University of Notre Dame alumni association.

Besides writing, Cronin is a portrait artist and composer of event songs. She wrote "The MS Walk Song" for the Multiple Sclerosis Society which was debuted at the Chicago lakefront fundraising event in Chicago in 2000.

Cronin is now preparing the sequel to her novel for publication in 2017.

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