Better Dead Than Wed

Better Dead Than Wed
331 Pages
ISBN 1517078431

Katy McKenna has had enough near-death experiences and heartache to last a lifetime. Now all she wants to do is get her career back on track, find a nice guy, and live happily-ever-after. But when she hears about a man maliciously exposing innocent young women to HIV, she is compelled to put her plans on hold to stop him.

Meanwhile, Katy’s mother is forced to reveal a shattering childhood trauma that has come back to haunt her; her obnoxious baby sister is moving in, and her scuzzy was-band is stalking her.

And she’s beginning to wonder why every rotten person she has recently heard about has suddenly dropped dead.

Is it divine providence? Or is it murder?

Amazon Review: I have quickly gotten addicted to this series. I feel like I know the characters, but am still surprised by events!

Amazon Review: Funny, light hearted read even though the subjects are not necessarily light hearted. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know Katy, her Grandma Ruby and her friends. The story kept my interest throughout and kept me guessing as to the whodunit. I look forward to reading more by this author.

Pamela Frost Dennis

About Pamela Frost Dennis (San Luis Obispo, California Author)

Pamela Frost Dennis

Pamela Frost Dennis lives on the California Central Coast with her husband, Mike, and their goofy furry menagerie.

She enjoys gardening, reading, yoga, playing guitar and serenading herself (and annoying the neighbors), riding her bike, binge-watching TV shows, and playing with her three awesome grandkids.