Bingoed – An Essie Cobb Senior Sleuth Mystery

200 Pages
ISBN 978-0-9844795-7-3

Why would spry senior Bob Weiderley suddenly fall into a coma after winning a game of Bingo? After all, he was the most physically fit of all the men at the Happy Haven Assisted Living Facility—able to bend over to tie his own shoes and use the stairs rather than the elevator. It was just very suspicious. That’s why Essie Cobb and her friends and fellow residents--Opal, Marjorie, and Fay--decided to investigate.
Was it possible that someone was out to get the friendly old gentleman? Maybe it was Violet, Happy Haven’s manager, trying to cover up her shady past. Or Sue, the activities director, whose behavior was strange to say the least. Maybe it was one of the three women who sat at Bob’s regular table in the dining room. Or the mysterious man who had recently sent Bob a startling letter. Essie Cobb is determined to find out—and she’s not going to let her age (90), her weak bladder, or her various infirmities hold her back.
Welcome to Happy Haven. If you thought most elderly residents of assisted living facilities spent their days sitting in the sun watching television, you haven’t met senior sleuth Essie Cobb and her three detecting buddies. These four elderly ladies have curiosity and drive unusual for women in their 80’s and 90’s. They may not be able to get around as fast as youngsters in their 60’s, or navigate the Interstate or Interweb (or whatever that computer thing is called), but they can solve a mystery. And they’re starting with this one.

Patricia Rockwell

About Patricia Rockwell (Chicago, Illinois Author)

Patricia Rockwell

Patricia Rockwell is the author of two cozy mystery series. The Pamela Barnes acoustic mysteries follows the exploits of a southern university psychology professor and acoustics expert. Books include SOUNDS OF MURDER, FM FOR MURDER, VOICE MAIL MURDER, STUMP SPEECH MURDER, and MURDER IN THE ROUND. Her Essie Cobb senior sleuth series features a retirement home resident and her attempts to solve problems in her facility. The books include BINGOED, PAPOOSED, VALENTINED, GHOSTED, and FIRECRACKERED. Patricia lives in Aurora, IL and enjoys speaking to groups in the west Chicago suburbs.

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