Birth After Miscarriage – A Spiritual Journey

Birth After Miscarriage
91 Pages
ISBN 9781725932951

I always wanted to be a mom. After my miscarriage, I thought it would never happen. God had a wonderful plan for my life. I just had to wait and put my faith in Him. Many women suffer the tremendous loss of a miscarriage. They often believe they are alone, but they are never alone. Rest assured that it is not anyone’s fault! It is simply a sad component of life. In every four pregnancies, one ends in a miscarriage. I am sharing my story to help other women who have experienced the same pain I have.

Nancy Ann

About Nancy Ann (South Jersey Author)

Nancy Ann

Nancy Ann was born in Bayonne, NJ. She now lives in Atlantic County, NJ with her 3 kids. She loves to write, read and role play.