Bleedership – Biblical First Aid For Leaders

152 Pages
ISBN 1933148551

Quick! Who was the worst boss you ever had? Chances are you will recognize him/her in the pages of Jim Lange’s latest book, Bleedership, Biblical First Aid for Leaders – a book that combines biblical principles with leadership skills.

Wounds, cuts, and bruises abound wherever you find uninspired employees, a fearful staff, or a company or organization in disarray from the top down.

Bleedership delivers the right medicine and the sure cure when leadership falls short. This fast-paced, page-turning book demonstrates the profound difference a godly, sound leader can make in a business, a church, or a home. It’s all here – great quotes from some of our greatest leaders; true life stories and scenarios offered to bring the reader to make a decision as to who was the better leader in each situation. Full of biblical references, refreshing insight, and wise, common-sense solutions, Bleedership is the book you will want to pick up for yourself today! Once you read it, you will want to grab extra copies to pass on to other leaders or those who aspire to be leaders.

Jim Lange

About Jim Lange (Toledo, Ohio Author)

Jim Lange

Jim Lange is a graduate of The University of Toledo where he obtained a BBA in computer systems. While at UT he was a 4 year member of the varsity basketball team. Jim has been in business for over 20 years and is the President and Founder of Five Feet Twenty which:

  • Provides a life and business changing experience to business and ministry leaders through monthly round-table groups. Each group serves as a board of advisers to each member helping them to grow their organizations in a God-honoring way while at the same time helping them to grow personally and spiritually. Learn more at
  • Helps business owners and doctors to move their businesses toward being a Kingdom business by helping them to consistently and effectively impact the spiritual health of those they serve, including their employees.
  • Helps individuals live a life of peace, regardless of their life circumstances.

Jim wrote and released his book, Bleedership: Biblical First-Aid For Leaders in 2005, and an expanded edition was just released in 2014. The book was named Best Christian Business Book of the Year by Christian Storyteller. Jim’s latest book, Calming The Storm Within: How To Find Peace In This Chaotic World, was released in December, 2012. Find out more at

He is the father of three grown children and lives in Lambertville, Michigan, just outside of Toledo, Ohio.