Blood on the Mitten – Infamous Michigan Murders, 1700s to Present

Blood on the Mitten
159 Pages
ISBN 978-1-943338-07-8

Before Michigan became a state, there were witch trials, scalp collectors, dirty sports, and a massacre of epic proportions. The lumber era that followed made Michigan as much of a wild, wild west as Deadwood. And Prohibition allowed a group of Detroit thugs to run roughshod over even the likes of Al Capone.

There’s more:

• A father who shoots his daughter and friends for being hippies, just as an eerily similar tale hits the silver screen

• A widow whose love of dressing up leaves a trail of poisoned relatives across the Lower Peninsula

• A lawless Upper Peninsula town that not only hangs two criminals without trial, but forces women to lie with the corpses

• A murder that spread its victim’s body parts along I-75 from Detroit to Pellston

In Blood on the Mitten, crimes of passion, crimes of necessity and cold, calculated evil take on flesh, bones and blood. These 57 illustrated, read-out loud tales from across time also look at the historical context of murder, in Michigan and beyond.

Tom Carr

About Tom Carr (Traverse City, Michigan Author)

Tom Carr

Tom Carr is author of Blood on the Mitten: Infamous Michigan Murders, 1700s-Present from Chandler Lake Press. Tom is an independent writer and journalist in Northern Michigan who spent 25 years in daily newspapers, primarily the Traverse City Record-Eagle.

As a freelancer, he's branched out into other media and has reported and produced many stories for Interlochen Public Radio and has had his work broadcast on NPR and Michigan Radio, as well. His work has appeared in the Detroit Free Press, the New York Daily News,, Traverse Magazine and others.

He's won journalistic awards in investigative reporting, feature writing, breaking news and for writing a humor column.