Blood Rivals – A Frank Moretti Thriller

Blood Rivals
324 Pages
Frederick Wysocki
ISBN 978-0-9913756-5-3

Frank Moretti is caught between two relatives. He is being groomed to take over as the boss of his uncle Anthony Rizzo’s investment firm. Frank knows too much and Anthony will kill him if he tries to leave. His cousin, AJ Rizzo has decided Frank is taking his birthright and is planning to put him in jail or kill him. AJ Rizzo steals his cousin Frank Moretti’s fingerprint. Frank soon finds himself accused of being a terrorist by the FBI. When AJ decides the FBI investigation is too slow AJ hires an assassin. Will AJ replace Frank? Will Frank find a way out of the mess?

Frederick Wysocki

About Frederick Wysocki (Phoenix, Arizona Author)

Frederick Wysocki

Frederick Wysocki is an author of crime and spy fiction.