Blood Stones – The Haunting of Sunset Canyon

Blood Stones
402 Pages
ISBN 978-1-626944-63-3

Within Sunset Canyon, deep in the Arizona desert, the love a young woman feels for her mysterious lover grows deeper every year, though her heart stopped beating over a century ago - stilled by the one she loves. What magic could cause this? What ancient Indian witchcraft could hold her and make her part of The Haunting of Sunset Canyon? Could the legends of ghost warriors, known as the Tribe of Twelve Fleshtakers who guards the treasure of the Lost Blood Stones Mine, be true?

When Darcy Peel left Dry Creek, Arizona, to go to graduate school, she thought she had left for good. She never thought she would come back to the small high-desert community nestled in the shadow of Prospector’s Mountain or that she’d have to go into the legendary red rock gorge known in Indian lore as the “Canyon that Sees the Sun.” But, now she is compelled to return and find her sister who is lost in the canyon—like her father and brother before her.

Research documents and a little leather-covered book that her sister sent before she disappeared, offer clues and brings back memories and dreams of a young woman trapped in the canyon. On the trail to the truth, Darcy meets Alan Brandt, a young deputy with ties to her family’s past and possessing hidden abilities that link him to stories of ghost warriors. Can she trust him to help find her sister as he promises? Or is she being trapped by the mountain’s magic - seduced by her attraction to a man with an uncanny connection to the deadly legends? Will she meet the same fate as the young woman trapped in the canyon? Will she become part of The Haunting of Sunset Canyon?

Krista Lynn

About Krista Lynn (Fresno, California Author)

Krista Lynn

Krista Lynn is a late-comer to the author’s world with a long academic career in earth sciences in her wake instead of years of fiction writing. But, wind has filled all the sails this year, with the release of Blood Stones, the first book in the Haunted Canyon Series.

It’s no mystery why Krista writes about the high desert of Arizona. She grew up on a gold mine about 60 miles north of Phoenix. The closest neighbor was 6 miles or so down the Agua Fria River, or another 20 miles by dirt road. To say it was a gold mine is technically correct, but very little gold was ever mined. It did, however, keep gas in the jeep and food on the table. The real treasure of this placer gold-mining venture was the lasting impressions of living wild on the desert with her brothers, and a menagerie of dogs, goats, and donkeys. And experiencing the magic and spirit of a rugged, isolated landscape where mysteries are carried on the wind, and whispered in your sleep. Years later, these experiences are the multi-colored threads woven into her series of romantic supernatural suspense set in the high desert of Arizona.

She taught physical geography and GIS courses at CSUF and Fresno City College before taking an Academic Coordinator for GIS Technologies at UC Davis Coorperative Extension where she built a GIS program to assist agricultural research.

She now enjoys the full-time writing life in California with her husband and a menagerie of dogs, goats and one spoiled horse.