Bloodfeather – (A Puck It Novel)

196 Pages

Dasia Ksena I punched him. Totally by accident, but I did it nonetheless. He took me to the ER​, more ​concerned about me. I think I fell for him then. He plays for the Griffins and I work for the Basilisks, but it doesn't matter. I'll fight to have him, even if it's against myself.

Gaige Rozen Her ring kissed my face and captivated me. I couldn't forget about my little Bloodfeather, especially when I meet the hockey team she works for on the ice. They're not happy, but I don't care. I get what I want, and I want her.

Linz Lenay

About Linz Lenay (Scranton, Pennsylvania Author)

Linz Lenay

Linz Lenay loves the escape that a book can give to someone. One day, her two best friends, along with her husband, encouraged her to make her own world, due to running out of things to read on her shelf. (Even though her list is a million miles long.) She is also a meme addict who loves to laugh.

Linz lives in Northeastern Pennsylvania with her husband and two furmonsters. In her spare time, when she’s not reading or writing, she loves watching hockey (go Blackhawks), Doctor Who, movies, and spending time with her family and friends, especially for game nights.

Starting in 2017, she's written three books to date, in two of her favorite genres: mafia and sports romance.

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