Bloodlines - Awakening

Bloodlines  - Awakening
297 Pages
ISBN 978-1-5144-3368-3 52999 9 781514 433683

Charles is a sad and lonely boy. For years he is beaten down, and abused by his family. Two things keep him going - his grandmother, and his yearning to change his circumstance.

Cora is a pampered little girl, she is also a drama queen.

These two children have one thing in common. Their families hide incredible supernatural secrets. Some members of their families can make things just disappear, others kill and maim at will.

The intoxicating sights, smells, sounds and tastes of Jamaica, will transport readers to a different world. This is a world where paranormal occurrences are not that unusual.

Although this is young adult fiction, it will also appeal to readers who enjoy some intrigue and suspense, a few tears, and a good laugh. This is a tale of love, loss, oppression, escape, redemption, and the magic of Jamaica. It reminds the reader that change is not only possible, but many times necessary for survival, growth, and the triumph of the human spirit.

KD Harris

About KD Harris (Toledo, Ohio Author)

KD Harris

Bloodlines - Awakening is KD Harris’s second novel. Her first, Medusa: The Beginning, published in 2007, received rave reviews. Since then, she has written six more novels and a miniseries for TV.

KD has authored short stories, poetry, and plays which were performed by local drama groups. She is a regular contributor to the blog Four Friends and Their Friends. KD was born and grew up in Kingston, Jamaica. Attending university in the United States, she graduated with a Ph.D. in higher education.

Excerpts of her writing can be viewed online at Medusa the Beginning by Kathi Harris, and in Kathi Harris’s Book Corner, also on the blog Four Friends and Their Friends.

KD lives with her family in Ohio.