Blowback – Book One - Cadillac Holland Mysteries

142 Pages
NEMO Publishing
ISBN 978-1521332719

The "Cadillac" Holland Mysteries are a compelling mix of mystery, political thriller, and travelogue of one of America's favorite destinations seen through the eyes of a detective as battered as the city he patrols. Detective Holland has come home as a retired Special Forces and Intelligence operative and brings those specialized skills to bear on investigations that all too often place him squarely at odds with NOPD's own way of doing things. It's why the Chief of Detectives only assigns "Cadillac" cases which are as unique and challenging as the detective's way of seeking justice and not just answers.

Every great story has to start somewhere and the "Cadillac" Holland Mysteries start with what should have been the simple matter of locating a missing material witness. Detective Holland has just been tasked with tracking down a material witness, and fugitive murderer, named Michael Ferris. Detective Holland won’t bring the man to face justice until he has decided what justice for the man’s crimes should be. Ferris’ running from the law has exposed his brother, a less than ethical used-car dealer and his own fiancé, a tough-as-nails would-be burlesque dancer, to the wrath of the gang of illicit gun-dealers whose members he shot in what initially looked like self-defense. The detective believes Ferris may be tied to something far larger, but he doesn’t have much time to find the fugitive and get some answers before more lives are endangered. There are going to be consequences whether he captures Michael Ferris or not, and only Detective Holland can handle the unintended ones.

Blowback is the novella introduction to the award-winning a well-received "Cadillac" Holland Mysteries. The series has distinguished itself with a silver medal in the 2016 Dan Poynter Global EBook Awards, for The Blue Garou, and Ghosts and Shadows placed as a Finalist in the 2017 Book Excellence Awards. The series is noted for its seamless weaving of compelling fictional stories with very real contemporary history and events involving New Orleans' ongoing recovery from the serious devastation of Hurricane Katrina.

H. Max Hiller

About H. Max Hiller (New Orleans, Louisiana Author)

H. Max Hiller

My relationship with New Orleans began with a job cooking in a cafe on Bourbon Street at the age of seventeen. My foodservice resume now includes many of New Orleans’ iconic music and dining destinations. I no longer reside in New Orleans full time but I keep to the expat creed of “Be a New Orleanian wherever you are.”

A devoted reader of detective and crime novels, I have worked as a chef on a boat traveling the inland waterways since Hurricane Katrina and began thinking up stories about a detective living in post-Katrina New Orleans, which I now write in my spare time.

My life is divided between working on the water and preserving a Victorian-era home that I share with my wife and our rescue pets, which include a neurotic wolfhound/terrier mix and too many cats.