Blue Diamond

Blue Diamond
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He is captivating. A walking contradiction with dark ink hidden beneath an expensive three piece suit. A man who visits my dreams, a frustrating reminder that he is unattainable. He has a girlfriend. He walked into my life for a reason, a forbidden indulgence, maybe. The universe is surely not that cruel.


She is breathtaking. A woman who intrigues my mind and body. Thoughts of her breathe life into my days, and exhale fantasies at night. She makes me want things I've never had, but always desired. She's more than just a blip on my radar. I don’t hold back. If I want something, it’s mine.

Dawn Umrie

About Dawn Umrie (Palm Beach, Florida Author)

Dawn Umrie

Dawn Umrie can usually be found in her office sipping a cup of Duncan Donut's coffee with her Chihuahua sleeping beside her desk.

After years of being an avid reader, she finally took the leap in January 2018 and began writing the first draft of her début romance novel, Blue Diamond.

When she’s not reading or writing, she enjoys mixing essential oil potions, listening to K-pop music, and watching the cheesiest romance movies she can find.

She happily resides in South Florida with her husband, two children, and Hannah, (the Chihuahua).

She's been working hard getting her next contemporary romance novel, Noble ready for release, May 2019.