Borderline – Swan Song of an Unfinished Life

106 Pages
ISBN ISBN-10: 1546668225 . ISBN-13: 978-1546668220

Borderline is about my mother, Helen Louise (Persons) Edwards, a WWII Navy PhM3 and first responder for the City of Boise who many years ago took her life, as well as my own 'dance' with the Mental Health System of the State of California.
You will laugh. You will cry.
Hopefully, you will come to understand the subject of Mental Health in a different light and realize that being given a mental health diagnosis does not have to be a death sentence.

Elizabeth Anne Edwards

About Elizabeth Anne Edwards (Boise, Idaho Author)

Elizabeth Anne Edwards

Elizabeth Anne Edwards is a Native Idahoan born and raised in the Treasure Valley, when books were our best friends and children could roam free. She has been in small business sales and marketing most of her career, then turned to Massage Therapy.

She comes from one of America's oldest funeral directing families, and her great-grandfather, C.E. Hesser, was a poet-laureate in the small town of La Cygne, Kansas. C. E. Hesser used to send greetings the 'homemade and hand-wrought way' by typing his poetry on wallpaper. Some samples of his poetry can be found on her website -

Elizabeth's first book is 'Borderline - Swan Song of an Unfinished Life', and is the story of her beloved mother, Helen Louise, who took her own life in the late 60's. This book is her story of the effect it had on her family, and her own 'dance' with the Mental Health system of the State of California. She wrote this book to help educate others about the realities of the system, as she believes that systematic change only happens when those who have been within a system share their voice.

"If my little story about my little life can help someone, then the past trials and tribulations will not be in vain."