Born Dead on a Winter's Night

Born Dead on a Winter's Night
140 Pages
ISBN B01H18C844

On a snowy December night in 1939, a light shines through the window of an Ozark Mountains farmhouse. Doc Barnes works feverishly by the flickering light of a kerosene lamp only to deliver a baby boy still as a stone. With nothing to lose, he takes the baby outside and rolls him in the snow. Thanks to his quick thinking, Rolland Love lives to tell the tale of growing up in Missouri’s rugged Ozark Mountains in the 1940s and 1950s, living off the land with his self-sufficient family. A must read and unforgettable coming of age story. -


"Rolland, you are such a rare, witty, and honest writer! You bring us with you on every page.” Deborah Shouse Special to The Kansas City Star

"Travel back to a time when families were self-sufficient and lived off the land. This memoir has the feel of a Mark Twain story, with tales of pigs and possums and adventures in the caves and on the rivers of the Ozark Mountains.” Mary-Lane Kamberg Best selling author

A memoir requires the voice of a great story teller and a sense of place. Explore what it was like to grow up in the Ozarks where silence shelters dreams and rushing streams foster reality. This author gives the reader a retreat, lets us return to a place where the heart quickens to remember our own youth and days of discovery. Judith Bader Jones, author of Delta Pearls.

Rolland Love

About Rolland Love (Kansas City, Missouri & Kansas Author)

Rolland Love

Rolland Love is the author of short stories, novels, a best selling computer book, co-author of a stage play about Lewis and Clark which he presented at the KC Fringe Festival, wrote and recorded a series of fishing stories and co-author of a cookbook that was a finalist for best book of the year in Missouri.

Love presents workshops on journaling, writing, storytelling, and life history for children and senior adults. He is a speaker, has appeared on talk shows, been interviewed by publications that have written about his Mark Twain writing style. He recently finished his autobiography Born Dead on a Winter’s Night.

BORN DEAD ON A WINTER'S NIGHT was selected by Amazon Kindle as a Best Read January 2018. The Ebook version is Free. - - KC LIVE TV