236 Pages
ISBN 978-1-4502-2676-9

As a child growing up in various cities and towns, Britt Rutgers exhibits both acute sensitivity and an insatiable ebullience that expresses itself in rebelliousness against his restrictive parents. But something profoundly important is missing deep inside. As he moves into his late teens in the 1950s on a farm near Mayfield, Iowa, his enthusiasm gradually morphs into agonizing self-consciousness, feelings of guilt, embarrassment over sexual naïveté, and fear wrought by his fundamentalist religious upbringing.

His parents have always worshipped the ground that his quietly serious older brother walked on, and Britt begins to emulate him, altering his natural personality. Battling these internal demons, Britt is unable to concentrate and becomes panicky that he will fail his school subjects. In his senior year in high school, Britt spends an evening bowling with his buddies. Something happens on that fateful Saturday night, and he is about to enter a world of terror.

Breaking Out explores a family's dynamics and history, revealing the forces that shape a child and make a train wreck of his crossing from adolescence into childhood.

Bob Brink

About Bob Brink (Ft. Lauderdale, Florida Author)

Bob Brink

Bob Brink is a journalist who worked with the Palm Beach Post, The Associated Press in Chicago, Milwaukee Journal, Tampa Tribune, Joliet Herald-News, and Palm Beach Media Group (magazines). His byline has been on thousands of news stories, features, and entertainment reviews. Brink has won numerous writing accolades and several awards.

He has been a blogger for several years, and is the author of several books. To promote his current novel, MURDER IN PALM BEACH: The Homicide That Never Died, he has a website, From the site, he blogs on three passions – grammar, alternative health care, and socio-political issues – as well as events germane to his and others’ books.

Brink’s first book, A TALE OF TWO CONTINENTS: Jetting Across the Globe to Have a Baby, is a short memoir that he ghost-wrote for a woman. Almost simultaneously, he authored BREAKING OUT, a coming-of-age novel about a troubled young man. Recently, he compiled a book of short stories titled THE WAY IT WAS: Short Stories and Tall Tales.

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