Bree and the Nametag Worries – Being Bree Series

Bree and the Nametag Worries
122 Pages
ISBN 978-1-946101-26-6

Bree is a gifted 6yr. old who thinks she needs a nametag to make friends on the first day of school. She worries she won’t make any friends since the class is too busy going over rules and reading baby books to share nametags. Taking belly breaths and counting help calm Bree's worries until her nametag disappears. But with the support from her Gifted Instruction teacher, Bree learns friendships are formed with kind words and actions —not just nametags.

Christine Sromek Laforet

About Christine Sromek Laforet (Cleveland, Ohio Author)

Christine Sromek Laforet

Chris received her M.A.Ed. from Baldwin-Wallace University and taught in the Cleveland area before raising a family. She is a member of SCBWI and is involved in many local critique groups. She resides in Avon, OH with her husband, three children, and two crazy dogs.