Building Your House – A Faithful Mom's Guide to Organizing Home and Family

Building Your House
220 Pages
ISBN 978-1633370579

Clear out your spiritual clutter as you organize your home!

Christian speaker, blogger, and author Shannon Upton is back to help you build your house with Jesus as the perfect cornerstone. Through her conversational style, fun anecdotes, and step-by-step guides, you'll learn how to establish the perfect amount of structure for you and your family. You'll find concrete ideas with a strong foundation in scripture, giving you the tools you need to joyfully tackle your belongings, routines, and family.

Shannon Upton

About Shannon Upton (Columbus, Ohio Author)

Shannon Upton

Shannon Upton is a Christian speaker, author, and blogger. She’s a dedicated wife and mother of three with a passion for living life intentionally for Christ—but she knows that we all face the stumbling blocks of insecurity and anxiety.

During her four-year struggle with a clinical anxiety disorder, Shannon began using organization as a tool to fight anxiety and usher peace into her home and heart. Through this experience, she developed the concept of spiritual clutter and learned how to overcome it with a little organization... and a heart of surrender to the Lord. Now she loves to help women just like you become just “organized enough” to truly enjoy life.

Her favorite ministry role by far is that of a speaker, informing and entertaining audiences while sharing her ministry message. She is also the author of "Organizing You" and "Building Your House," Biblically-based self-help books that will teach you how to clear out your own spiritual clutter.

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