Bullitt Points – Memories of Steve McQueen and Bullitt

Bullitt Points
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Peek Behind the Scenes of Bullitt and the Famous Car Chase

Hello, I’m Tony Piazza. My father, Anthony Piazza, Sr., worked as the San Francisco Police Department Liaison to Warner Brothers during the filming of Bullitt and other great films of the 1960s and 1970s. He served as a technical adviser and location scout and directed the logistics of moving equipment, vehicles and traffic during shoots. He was instrumental in the success of many San Francisco-based movies.

I had the good fortune of growing up around the sets, meeting many of the actors, and serving as a SAG actor and stand-in myself in TV series such as Streets of San Francisco, and movies such as Towering Inferno and High Anxiety. On my sixteenth birthday, I ate Thanksgiving dinner with Sidney Poitier. My first car was almost Inspector Callahan’s Ford from Dirty Harry, and I even wore a wig and an ascot to act as a photo double for Larry Hagman.

Some of my most cherished memories come from the filming of Bullitt and my family’s interactions with Steve McQueen. In 2013 the film will be celebrating its 45th Anniversary, and I’ve been asked to share some of these behind-the-scenes views, trivia, and experiences with you. I put these memories together in an e-book called Bullitt Points: Memories of Steve McQueen and Bullitt.

Tony Piazza

About Tony Piazza (San Luis Obispo, California Author)

Tony Piazza

Tony Piazza is a Central Coast mystery writer, film historian, presenter, and skilled storyteller well-known for his passion for writing and movies. An author of six mystery novels, and the memoir, “Bullitt Points,” which is a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the classic Steve McQueen movie “Bullitt.”

He is also a contributing author to two anthologies and has done many interviews for television, radio, and print and electronic media. Piazza worked regularly on many Hollywood movies and television shows filmed in San Francisco during the 1970s, including “Magnum Force,” “Towering Inferno,” and “The Streets of San Francisco.”

He now blogs regularly about his Hollywood experiences at authortonypiazza.com. Piazza is a member of Mystery Writers of America, Sisters in Crime, and California Writers Club.