California Cheese

California Cheese
24 Pages
ISBN 9781792306853

“The books stars three Jewish mice from New York City that live in a wall of a bagel bakery,” Trotta said. “Being mice, they crave cheese, so both ‘Florida Cheese’ and ‘Wisconsin Cheese’ feature storylines where they go out to find new types of cheese to feed their cravings”. But the flash and dash of California presents problems of its own and the solutions to these problems makes for excitement and a great learning experience for both children and adults.”

The new book features Bernie, Ebeneezer and Jonah taking a magical journey to California to meet a highly popular television mouse.

“In this book, our three mouse heroes fall in love with a cartoon mouse on TV,” Trotta said. “They just have to meet this giant among mice. The first problem they encounter is that they are visiting friends in Wisconsin and the giant mouse lives in California. That problem is solved when Mrs. Zastrow decides to take her children and her visiting mice out to California to find the cartoon mouse at the big theme park. They all learn important lessons along the way, as do children reading the story. They make new friends at the theme park and even meet a big music producer who takes them inside Hollywood. And of course, Mrs. Zastrow treats the mice to cheese like they’ve never seen before.”

According to Trotta, the Cheese Book Series is meant to educate, as well as entertain children with the new “California Cheese” book including even more educational elements than his two previous cheese books. Teachers who purchase the book qualify for a free lesson plan. Just email the author at

Lee Trotta

About Lee Trotta (Sheboygan, Wisconsin Author)

Lee Trotta

Lee Trotta has published over 100 scientific reports, but this is his first children's book. It is only the first in a series of mouse adventures planned.

A red-blooded Wisconsinite, Lee played football for the Wisconsin Badgers and has been protecting the environment as a professional geologist over his long career. Now retired and living in Sheboygan, he participates often in plays for Sheboygan Theater Company and sings in the Church choir.

Hardcopy versions of his books are available at the Victorian Chocolate Shoppe, Lucie's Roost, Tiny Tykes Corner, and Book Heads in Sheboygan County. They may also be ordered, along with ebooks at

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