Calmer Waters – The Caregiver's Journey Through Alzheimer's and Dementia

Calmer Waters
307 Pages
ISBN 978-1-68157-014-3

After spending a decade caring for her husband who died from younger- onset Alzheimer’s disease, Barbra Cohn offers a spiritual and holistic guide to help caregivers feel happier and healthier, have more energy and time for themselves, sleep better, feel more relaxed and confident, and experience inner peace, despite the obstacles they face.

With pathos, humor, and compassion, Calmer Waters includes the author’s compelling life story, inspirational essays and rituals from spiritual leaders, stories from family caregivers, and twenty healing modalities from renowned experts that can be practically incorporated into a daily regimen. An added bonus is that both care partners —the caregiver and memory-impaired individual—can use most of the healing modalities, allowing for a stronger connection between the two.

Riveting personal accounts of the journeys that caregivers embarked on with their loved ones illustrate the challenging medical, financial, emotional, and social roadblocks that accompany coping with Alzheimer’s and Dementia. A rare blend of storytelling and practical and spiritual advice, this book offers an uplifting account of the strength of the human spirit, and a testament to the love and dedication of the 15 million Americans caring for a memory- impaired relative or friend.

Barbra Cohn

About Barbra Cohn (Boulder, Colorado Author)

Barbra Cohn

Barbra Cohn writes about health and travel. She is also an award-winning poet and is working on two middle-grade novels. Barbra has written hundreds of articles for national and regional publications and health newsletters including AAA;s EnCompass, First for Women, Better Nutrition, Energy Times, and Delicious!. She currently writes a blog called thehealthycaregiverblog ( and is on the editorial board of Care Connections, a newsletter for caregivers.

As president and owner of Cohn Writing Solutions, Barbra writes sales copy, newsletters and articles, and analyzes scientific studies for cosmetics and nutritional supplement companies. In addition to holding a Master’s degree in professional writing, she has a Certificate in Nutrition from the Bauman College of Nutrition and Culinary Arts. When she is not writing, Barbra can be found hiking in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, dancing salsa and tango, or playing with her adorable grandchildren. Email her at