Cat in the Flock – Dreamslippers Series Book Two

Cat in the Flock
295 Pages
ISBN 9780986237706

What if you could slip into the dreams of a killer? This family of PIs can. They use their psychic dream ability to solve crimes, and that isn’t easy. Especially if you’re totally new at this.

“The launch of an intriguing female detective series.” —KIRKUS REVIEWS

Following a mother and daughter on the run, apprentice dreamslipper Cat McCormick goes undercover inside a Midwestern fundamentalist church. Is its enigmatic leader guilty of domestic violence? Did his right-hand man really commit suicide? Cat must tame her wild psychic gift in time to learn the truth…

“Highly recommended.” —FRANCES CARDEN, READERS LANE

Left behind in Seattle are Cat’s mentor—her flamboyantly New Age grandmother Amazing Grace—as well as Lee Stone, the childhood sweetheart she’d only just reconnected with. Will the two be able to help her from afar? And why is Cat slipping into Lee’s dreams across thousands of miles? Maybe the Ranger’s Iraq-issued PTSD, not to mention their fiery romantic connection, has the power to close the distance.

“A fascinating tale of mystery, romance, and what one woman’s dreams are made of.” —MARY DAHEIM, BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF THE BED-AND-BREAKFAST SERIES

Lisa Brunette

About Lisa Brunette (Seattle, Washington Author)

Lisa Brunette

Lisa was born in Santa Rosa, California, but that was only home for a year. A so-called "military brat," she lived in nine different houses and attended nine different schools by the time she was 14. Through all of the moves, her one constant was books. She read everything, from the entire Nancy Drew and Trixie Belden mystery series to her mother's books by Daphne du Maurier and Taylor Caldwell. 

A widely published author, game writer, and journalist, Lisa has interviewed homeless women, the designer of the Batmobile, and a sex expert, to name just a few colorful characters. This experience, not to mention her own large, quirky family, led her to create some truly memorable characters in her Dreamslippers Series and other works, whether books or games.

Always a vivid dreamer, not to mention a wannabe psychic, Lisa feels perfectly at home slipping into suspects’ dreams, at least in her imagination. Her husband isn’t so sure she can’t pick up his dreams in real life, though.

With a hefty list of awards and publications to her name, Lisa now lives in a small town in Washington State, but who knows how long that will last…


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