Cats for the GENIUS

Cats for the GENIUS
322 Pages
ISBN 978-1941050408

Proper care takes time, money, and a lifetime commitment. Whether you are newly kitten smitten or a seasoned feline aficionado, Cats for the GENIUS shows you how to build the foundation of a long, healthy, happy relationship between you and your cat.

Cats for the GENIUS is written with clever wit and in an easy-to-read conversational style common to books in the For the GENIUS series. It is your comprehensive owner’s guide to everything feline.

Cats as a species are surrounded by myth, misinformation, and misunderstanding, causing so many to be relinquished to shelters. With humans, miscommunication is often behind misunderstandings in relationships. Communication is no less important in our relationships with our cats. Usually, the miscommunication involves a perfectly normal feline behavior that may be innate, instinctual, a sign of stress, or a medical condition that a person finds unacceptable in the home environment—weakening the human-animal bond or completely rupturing it. Ramona D. Marek shows us how to understand what our cats are trying to tell us.

Ramona D. Marek

About Ramona D. Marek (Portland, Oregon Author)

Ramona D. Marek

Ramona writes for leading print and digital publications and is the award-winning author of “Cats for the GENIUS.” She has won numerous awards for articles about pet care, health and behavior, and cats in the arts. She is known as a cat writer, but not to cause a hissy fit, she also writes about dogs.

Her work has been honored with prestigious awards including the 2017 Fear Free Pets award and Muse Medallion, 2016 Cat Writers' Association MUSE Medallion for her book, "Cats for the GENIUS", the 2015 Good News for Pets Human-Animal Bond award, a 2015 MUSE Medallion for her article, “Estate Planning and Your Pets”, and 2014 Purina One Health award.

Ramona is a professional member and former director of the Cat Writers' Association and in 2016, she was invited to become a member of the The American Association of Feline Practitioners’ Cat Friendly Practice Advisory Council.

She is a life-long animal lover and advocate promoting respect and compassion for sentient, living beings through action and word. Ramona and her husband live with Tsarevich Ivan, a joie de vivre silver tabby Siberian, and Natasha Fatale, a full-time diva dressed as an “anything but plain” brown tabby.

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