Celebrating 100 Years of Baseball in Greater Binghamton – Tales from the Binghamton Baseball Shrine

Celebrating 100 Years of Baseball in Greater Binghamton
198 Pages
ISBN 0615966365

2014 marked the 100th year of minor league baseball in Greater Binghamton and this book profiles the members of Binghamton's Baseball Shrine through 2014. For well over half a century, Binghamton has been a minor- league affiliate of the Yankees or the Mets, and the members of Binghamton's Shrine read like a Who's Who of baseball in the Big Apple -- Edgardo Alfonzo, Johnny Blanchard, Lefty Gomez, Bobby Jones, Thurman Munson, Bobby Richardson, Bill Skowron, Tom Tresh, and Bill Virdon all played here and all members of Binghamton's Shrine.

The book recounts many memorable stories, including how Ralph Terry first met Cy Young; why Lefty Gomez's fiance threw his engagement ring in the toilet; how Thurman Munson developed from a boy with a chip on his shoulder to a leader of men; and how David Wright still owes a Binghamton denizen lunch.

Besides providing profiles on 61 former stars for Binghamton, the book also provides a history of baseball in Binghamton and includes over 40 historical photographs.

Jim Maggiore

About Jim Maggiore (Oneonta, New York Author)

Jim Maggiore

JIm currently focuses on writing about both minor and major league baseball. He resides in Binghamton, N.Y., which has been affiliated with the Yankees or the Mets for 60 years (and counting). His current project is "From Binghamton to the Big Apple," which documents the players who have played for Binghamton and gone on to play baseball for the Yankees, Mets, Giants, or Dodgers.

Jim was born in Brentwood, Long Island, and was graduated from Binghamton University. After completing his college studies, Jim stayed in the Binghamton area and worked for IBM in a variety of professional positions for 33 years.

Since his retirement from IBM, Jim has written seven books, including "Spring Training with the New York Mets in Port St. Lucie," "Celebrating 100 Years of Baseball in Greater Binghamton: Tales from the Binghamton Baseball Shrine," and "Spring Training with the Washington Nationals."