Chain of Lakes Series

Chain of Lakes Series
891 Pages
His Image Publications
ISBN 9780986124594

SHATTERED IMAGE (Book 1): Just a mall-town Iowa boy, Peter is living his dream of music, fame, and the celebrity life but secretly wonders why it’s not what he expected. Fired from the only job she knows how to do, smiling pretty for the camera, Kiera struggles to make sense of life outside the spotlight.

DANCE OF GRACE (Book 2): Vanessa has lost everything and is angry at everyone, including God. Especially God. Kurt leaps at the chance to live his dream, but finds it may be easier to build a house of cards than a safe haven for troubled kids.

THE COLOR OF TRUTH (Book 3): Sam managed to pull his life together after some rocky teen years, only to have his new life blown to bits. Marti believes the lies she’s lived under her whole life; she’s never known anything different. A better life seems unattainable to both of them.

These true to life characters struggle with issues just like anyone else – who am I? What am I supposed to be doing? Is there a way out of the chaos of my life? All of them learn lessons they never expected, truths that seemed impossible to believe, and discover forgiveness, joy, and love along the way.

Stacy Monson

About Stacy Monson (Twin Cities, Minnesota Author)

Stacy Monson

Stacy Monson is the multi-award-winning author of The Chain of Lakes series, including "Shattered Image," "Dance of Grace," and “The Color of Truth." Her stories reveal an extraordinary God at work in ordinary life.

A member of ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers), Stacy is the past president of MN-NICE (where the writers really are nice!), as well as the area coordinator for ACFW in Minnesota.

Residing in the Twin Cities, she is the wife of a juggling, unicycling physical education teacher, mom to two amazing kids and two wonderful in-law kids, and a very proud grandma of 2.5 grands.