Chalk Outline

Chalk Outline
98 Pages
Self Published

Jake & Darius are seasoned homicide detectives that have seen their share of murders. But even they can't get used to children as victims. During one investigation they meet, and become intertwined with Jessica, the mother of one of the killer’s victims. She reveals a rare gift that may help them catch the killer. Jake is skeptical but Darius puts his faith in her. But when the latest child victim is close to one of their own, they go into overdrive to find the killer. Will Jessica's gift be what helps them learn the identity of the killer? And for Jessica - is it really a gift or is it a curse?

A recent reviewer on Goodreads and Amazon said this about Chalk Outline:

“TRIUMPH! Was I thrown! The elasticity of the pace, the interweaving of anxiety, aggression, suspense, police procedure, with real human circumstances, fierce obsession of each very well-developed character was corporeal.”

Veronica Smith

About Veronica Smith (Houston, Texas Author)

Veronica Smith

Veronica Smith once fancied herself the next Carolyn Keene when she was but a pre-teen. When she reached adulthood, she wanted to be the next Stephen King or Anne Rice. Now that she's older and wiser, she realizes it's better to want to be herself and morphed into The Mistress of Horror.

Besides writing, she developed an obsession for all things horror, and even started many petitions to make Halloween a year-long holiday. Despite the support of several Senators and a retired US President, the bill was vetoed in the House. To her chagrin, Halloween still remains a one-day holiday only. But she decided to improvise, putting out her Halloween decorations in the yard at Christmastime as well. So far no one has had her arrested for it.

She and her husband live in Katy, Texas with their son and several pets, including a small horse-sized mastiff.

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