Chico 7 – TROLLS

Chico 7
316 Pages
ISBN 1543054781

Book four in the Journey of the Freighter Lola series, follows the adventures of Jack Tracey and the Crew of the Freighter Lola as they battle bandits and find adventure among the fringe planets of our galaxy.

In this book, Jack and his crew partake upon two separate adventures finding treachery on one and possibly new friends on the other. Available in paperback or Kindle e-book

Robert Weisskopf

About Robert Weisskopf (Chicago, Illinois Author)

Robert Weisskopf

Robert Weisskopf, or rather Bob as his friends call him, grew up in Chicago where he still lives. His father was a Chicago Police Lieutenant but his father had first apprenticed as a pastry chef under Bob’s Grandfather.

Bob entered the Chicago Police Academy on Valentine's Day, 1983. He took to this career with a passion he never knew before. Over the course of the next thirty years he would rise from Police Officer to Lieutenant.

He has three sons, Bobby, Jimmy, and Patrick. To this day his sons are the brightest part of his life. Now with a home filled with sons and dogs Bob perfects his cooking and spends his time writing, cooking and riding his Gold Wing motorcycle. This year he turned 60, so this is just the beginning of his story.