Child of Mine

Child of Mine
248 Pages
ISBN 978-1546780496

A multi-generational story of conflict, love, and reconciliation.

As Rita reviews her past, she wonders if she will ever again see the daughter she lost thirteen years ago.

Melanie has woven a web of deception and her mistakes are catching up with her. Can she regain control and set things right?

Monique has learned the identity of her father and she wants answers. Will she uncover her mother's secrets and find the family she longs for?

Barbara Vortman

About Barbara Vortman (Kalamazoo, Michigan Author)

Barbara Vortman

Barbara Vortman grew up in rural Michigan. Always a lover of learning and new experiences, she has been a teacher of small children and older adults, a social services worker, a volunteer, and a writer. Her first job as a teen was in a laundromat and she is still proficient at folding fitted sheets.

In her most recent employment, she provided information and support to grandparents raising their grandchildren. Her all-time favorite occupation (most challenging and most rewarding) has been Mom and Grandma.

Barbara lives in Michigan with her husband, Jeff. She enjoys travel and spending time with friends. She loves music (especially early rock and roll) but, unlike the characters in her novels, the only instrument she can play is the radio. Barbara has published three novels: Don't Be Cruel, Blowin' In The Wind, and Child of Mine.

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