Children Below Us – Child Trafficking

Children Below Us
308 Pages
ISBN 978-1500838270

Have you ever wondered what happens to missing children? Are they dead? Are they still alive somewhere? This book will give you an insight as to where they might be---in your basement, the house next door, a vacant building….you should be more aware of the possibilities after reading this book.

“Children Below Us: Child Trafficking is a novel that every parent should read. Blair London deals with an issue that is too often swept under the rug when talking about America’s missing children. We can use more authors like her.” - John Walsh (America’s Most Wanted)

A FEW TEASERS: • It’s just not every day you find a girl as pretty as you are in the library looking up child trafficking. • Claire instantly felt sick to her stomach. “Child prostitution rings?” • It’s all so real, and it’s all happening, here of all places! • “There… there is a man in my house who has been holding some kids captive. • “Those kidnappings! The child trafficking circles! He did it all!” • He had this full gang of guys that helped him kidnap the kids and transport them from one place to another. • They had taken care of Sam’s companion, the one they found in the neighboring house. • She was shocked to see people protesting outside her house against child trafficking and shouting “Put the criminal behind the bars…Put the criminal behind bars…”

Blair London

About Blair London (Twin Cities, Minnesota Author)

Blair London

Blair London writes about war vets with PTSD, social media, bullying, serial killers, child trafficking, sex trafficking, airport stalkers, pedophiles, squatting, illegal immigration, and other modern-day crimes. Many of her stories are from real life experiences, and some from people she knows.

Ms. London has had many celebrity endorsements on my writing, including Matthew McConaughey, Taylor Swift, Megyn Kelly, John Walsh, Kirk Cameron, and Meryl Streep.

Blair has spent many years trying to overcome a unique crippling condition and has far surpassed her peers. She has also worked as a college instructor, teaching courses in English, writing, literature, composition, and humanities, and has taught many law enforcement students.