Choosing The Right Diet For Success – With Lasting Results

Choosing The Right Diet For Success
128 Pages
ISBN 978-1494962234

Help choose the right diet for success and achieve your goal and more importantly, keep those pesky pounds away for good. Dieting doesn't have to be a chore; it can be part of a wonderful lifestyle with lasting results. My Introduction has a few examples of supplements and exercise programs to think about. The book contents contain weekly meal plans, recipes and insight of other various methods for choosing the right diet and fitness strategies that works best for you so losing weight and maintaining it can be an enjoyable life long experience. The one problem people face is not having the right plan to follow: You will have a better insight about "Choosing the Right Diet for Success" after reading my book and be closer to achieving your weight loss goals.

Introduction: The Importance of Knowing What Diet Is Best For You 

Low Calorie Intake 

The 1800 Calorie Diet 

Set Your Metabolism on Fire 

A Healthy Start with a Low Carbohydrate Diet 

The Paleo Diet: The Caveman Era 

The Gluten-Free Diet 

The Juice Purge Diet 

Fat Fighting Super Foods 

Choosing the Right Exercise Program 

Super Fuel Foods: Burn Calories while Sleeping 

Bonus: Frequently Asked Questions.

Pennie Mae Cartawick

About Pennie Mae Cartawick (Orlando, Florida Author)

Pennie Mae Cartawick

Pennie Mae Cartawick has been writing for many years. Her first book as a new author 'Choosing the Right Diet for Success' became a best seller immediately.

Now she is a best selling author of over 50 books and short stories in both the fiction and nonfiction genres. Her work is based on a variety of subjects. Perhaps, she is best know for her Sherlock Holmes mysteries. Her books include: paperback, digital book format, and audio production. Her audio books are narrated by such celebrity actors as Mark Deakins, P.J. Ochlan, Barbara Goodson, Ian Whitcomb, Joey D' Auria, Simon Prebble, and Alex Hyde-White.