Christmas in a Comboy's Arms – Anthology

Christmas in a Comboy's Arms
150 Pages
ISBN 978-1-4926-5677-7

CHRISTMAS IN A COWBOY'S ARMS is an anthology with six short stories in it. USA-TODAY Best-Seller Rosanne Bittner's story is called A CHICK-A-DEE CHRISTMAS and is about her beloved hero, Jake Harkner, from her "Outlaw" series (see the description for Rosanne's book called OUTLAW HEARTS). A CHICK-A-DEE CHRISTMAS is a sweet Christmas story that takes place the first Christmas after the fourth "Outlaw" book THE LAST OUTLAW. It is a very touching story about the once-ruthless Jake Harkner and his love for his little granddaughter, Sadie Mae.

You can read this story and enjoy it without having to read the "Outlaw" books, but once you read it, you will want to order and read Rosanne's four "Outlaw" books, OUTLAW HEARTS, DO NOT FORSAKE ME, LOVE'S SWEET REVENGE and THE LAST OUTLAW. You will never forget the great love story involved, and you will learn how having a family changed the outlaw Jake Harkner into a loving husband, father and grandfather, but also how fiercely he protects his own.

Something that happens to Jake's granddaughter, as well as something that involves a young man makes Jake decide to try to change from an outlaw life, makes this Christmas story heartfelt and memorable. Even though Christmas has come and gone, you will enjoy the stories in CHRISTMAS IN A COWBOY'S ARMS. Rosanne is known as the "Queen of Western Romance" and has won numerous awards for many of her over 65 published books!

Rosanne Bittner

About Rosanne Bittner (Kalamazoo, Michigan Author)

Rosanne Bittner

I am a USA-TODAY best-selling author and have been writing for over 35 years, with 67 books in print. My biggest selling books are my 7 SAVAGE DESTINY books about the settling of Colorado and its affect on the Cheyenne Indians, told through a family saga involving a half-breed, Zeke Monroe, and his wife Abbie. It's an incredible love story that covers over 40 years and involves Zeke and Abbie and their children and grandchildren. After 30 years on the market these books continue to sell and Zeke continues to be a favorite hero.

Book titles are SWEET PRAIRIE PASSION, RIDE THE FREE WIND, RIVER OF LOVE, EMBRACE THE WILD LAND, CLIMB THE HIGHEST MOUNTAIN, MEET THE NEW DAWN and EAGLE'S SONG. I write about American History, mostly America's Old West and many books about our Native Americans. My biggest selling single title about Native Americans is SONG OF THE WOLF, which is about the Sioux and involves the Custer battle at the Little Big Horn. Another favorite hero for my readers is Jake Harkner from my current OUTLAW series - OUTLAW HEARTS, DO NOT FORSAKE ME, LOVE'S SWEET REVENGE and THE LAST OUTLAW. Read my description on this site for OUTLAW HEARTS to learn more about this series. You can also visit my web site at to learn about all the books I have written - nearly all of which can be ordered through my web site or at

All my books involve American history, factual locations and events set against my fictitious characters and their lives - always great love stories. I have been dubbed by National Magazine ROMANTIC TIMES as the "Queen of Western Romance" and also an "emotional powerhouse" because of my intense, memorable love stories. My westerns have been called "gritty" and true to life. My Amazon comments are over 90% 5-star reviews. I have won several writing awards and conduct writing workshops. I have been married 52 years and live in the small town of Coloma, Michigan.