Chronicles of The Steam Alliance – Book 1, Onslaught of The Gale Armada

Chronicles of The Steam Alliance
166 Pages
ISBN 978-1530882595

Chronicles of The Steam Alliance: Book I The Onslaught of The Gale Armada is a juvenile steampunk adventure bringing together men, women, Wood Elves and Skwegglers in an Alliance to protect the world from the evil Count Laramarque. With the help of others, such as King Gregor, Doctor Eppstein, Captain Montgomery and Mr. Tynan, Roanoke Westwind and his wife, Princess Belle must learn to fly and come up with a plan to defend them all from the onslaught of the Count's Gale Armada.

Tim and Kathy Hunt

About Tim and Kathy Hunt (Kansas City, Missouri & Kansas Author)

Tim and Kathy Hunt

Tim and Kathy Hunt have been writing together for several years, literally since they got married. They first put together romance and love stories with their four-book series, Love Letters Written in the Sands of Time, which included Heart of Sapphire, The Pirate and The Princess, Tears of Jade, and The Maiden in The Mask.

In mid-2015, Tim and Kathy began work on a new project to bring out the old black and white monster movie feel. On Halloween, they released The Thriller Theater.

This year, however, they have set out on a new adventure: writing a series of books for children eight and up.

Tim and Kathy live in Merriam, Kansas. They love to write together and enjoy knowing that their stories are read and enjoyed by others. Wonders, Histories, Intrigues and Mysteries are their passion but it's not just a W.H.I.M. It's a work of heart.

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