Cinnamon Girl Explains It All

Cinnamon Girl Explains It All
345 Pages
ISBN 9781490436302

A detective, a reporter, her best friend, a cheating husband, a serial killer, Bingo... Cinnamon Girl Explains It All

Four years after the tragic loss of her family, newspaper reporter C.G. Harrellson is still a splintered soul. Blaming herself, she denies herself any opinions save the syndicated opinion column she anonymously writes as a release valve: Cinnamon Girl Explains It All.

Even though Detective Wolf Hunter is in the midst of trying to track down a serial killer, he can't help being intrigued by the strange, little reporter who has been assigned to meet with him weekly to write a crime report.

Despite C.G.'s initial fear of the brown eyes that remind her of her late husband and the tender touches that make her feel not just new love but old pain, Wolf patiently pulls her out of her numb, emotionless existence to start again.

Meanwhile, Wolf's partner notices similarities between the Cinnamon Girl column and the murder scenes, sending Wolf in search of the elusive Cinnamon Girl herself.

Little does he realize, she's as close as a kiss.

Jodi Bowersox

About Jodi Bowersox (Colorado Springs, Colorado Author)

Jodi Bowersox

Jodi Bowersox has worn many hats in her life--actress, seamstress, designer, business owner, homeschool teacher, kid's choir director, and artist--but she spends most of her time these days on her latest passion, romance novels.

Not liking the idea of being put in a box, however, she writes in many sub-genres in the romance market including faith fiction, suspense, and time travel. She also has a few children's picture books to her credit under the name J.B. Stockings and a short Bible commentary.

Jodi lives in the heart of Colorado Springs with her husband and too many cats where they never get tired of looking at the mountain views.

Find out about all her books, art, sewing, etc. at as well as links to her pages on Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Etsy, BookBub, and Twitter.