Circle of Lies – Alien Prophecies Series Book One

Circle of Lies
457 Pages
ISBN Print 978-0-9974756-0-9, eBook 978-0-9974756-1-6

Is Raz the savior of the Sixxer alien race, or will his child bring mankind and Sixxers together in peace? As a former M83 soldier and Transor, Raz vows to never get involved in the fight against humans again. Now, his only purpose is to protect his small circle and stay away from the one human female ruining all his plans. Once Raz realizes the extent of the Sixxer destruction, he is forced into a battle that will include fighting his heart.

Sandra always wanted a husband and a family. She wanted a happy and ordinary life. Unfortunately, her ex-husband had a different ideal. Now wary of men, she's drawn to the mysterious man that takes care of her best friend. Raz is nothing like her ex, and because of circumstances put into motion before she met him, she'll be thrown into a world where she can't tell the truth from the lies. Once she is a part of this world, there is no turning back. Her heart convinces her to fall in love again.

Fiona Riplee

About Fiona Riplee (Indianapolis, Indiana Author)

Fiona Riplee

Fiona has always been an avid reader of romance and science fiction. She decided to merge her two reading passions together and create her own version of paranormal/science fiction romance. She loves creating new worlds where there are endless possibilities for finding love. She grew up in a small town in rural Pennsylvania and currently lives in Indiana with her hopelessly romantic husband (who would never admit it under torture), the cutest and craziest toddler ever seen and two mischievous dogs. While she hasn't sailed around the world, she has been to Jamaica where she was married beside the ocean, and in a previous career she traveled to Germany and Switzerland.