Circumspect – A Cautionary Tail

234 Pages
ISBN 978-1683945642

"Curiouser and curiouser." With apologies to Lewis Carroll, this next collection of metaphysical misadventures flows from the previous two offerings. A lost, renegade friar fleeing the Spanish Inquisition of 1642? Protesting Italian winemakers seeking asylum on the reservation? A gypsy kiva mother living in a Winnebago supervising Ka'tsi-nas? And what of the traveling mariachi band from Indiana? Then the universe shifts. All bets are off when there occurs an argument with God regarding ontology, the very meaning of existence and being. On Mars? Our intrepid band of explorers continue to seek truth - and find political unrest requiring action. What follows is anyone's guess.

Michael Lente

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Michael Lente

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