Coins and Cadavers

Coins and Cadavers
324 Pages
ISBN 0999349406

Katy McKenna discovers a vintage wooden chest hidden in the attic of her old house. Although the box is legally hers, its incredible contents compel Katy to search for the rightful owner.

Meanwhile, she takes a temp job assisting her hunky P.I. neighbor, Josh Draper. The assignment: Trap a sleazy wife-cheater. Something Katy knows about all too well from personal experience. During a cozy stakeout in Draper’s two-seater, things get awkward as the sizzling tension builds. Who will make the first move?

Since she’s already been searching online for past owners of her home, Grandma Ruby asks Katy to use her sleuthing skills to discover what happened to her bigamist great-great-grandfather. Katy’s quest leads her to find an extended family she never knew existed.

Family secrets are revealed, for better or worse.... Romance blossoms, for better or worse.... And Katy’s good intentions lead her into a terrifying dilemma she may not survive.

What Readers are saying about Coins and Cadavers.

“Absolutely loved this series so far and can't wait for book 4.”

“Like a Stephanie Plum novel with a twist. Very entertaining.”

“So glad to finally have another book in this series.”

Pamela Frost Dennis

About Pamela Frost Dennis (San Luis Obispo, California Author)

Pamela Frost Dennis

Pamela Frost Dennis lives on the California Central Coast with her husband, Mike, and their goofy furry menagerie.

She enjoys gardening, reading, yoga, playing guitar and serenading herself (and annoying the neighbors), riding her bike, binge-watching TV shows, and playing with her three awesome grandkids.