Color Me Georgi

Color Me Georgi
28 Pages
ISBN 978-0999153901

I’m nakeddddddd!!! My friends are going to lend me some of their colors, but I need your magic hands to color me!

Georgi is a sweet, playful flower who finds herself in the flowerbed without any colors. She has lots of friends, including Mrs. Sun and Mr. Ocean, who are willing to lend her some of their colors. But she needs your help to make it happen! See what unfolds, page by page, as children close their eyes and use their vivid imaginations to make Georgi a spectacular masterpiece!

Color Me Georgi is a short, simple and sweet interactive children’s book created for ages 2-6. She has become a beloved character around the world. Join in the fun! #Georgi

Monique M. McCullough

About Monique M. McCullough (Charlotte, North Carolina Author)

Monique M. McCullough

Monique McDonald McCullough is a born-and-raised Australian who now lives in Charlotte, North Carolina. Monique has a degree with majors in Economics and Media & Communications from The University of Sydney. She eagerly leapt off the corporate ladder when her first child was 8 weeks old and now tends to her two little bundles of joy and chaos.  

Monique believes in beaches, playgrounds, crunchy apples, salty french fries, the occasional t-bone steak, and kale. Her goal for each day is to smell more roses and one day to have a farm in a city, with chickens. 

Publishing a book is a dream come true for Monique who worked for several years at a local large financial services firm before eagerly jumping off the corporate ladder to raise her two small children.

“Being a Stay-At-Home Mom is very different from the corporate world. Yoga pants are far more comfortable than suits (in my opinion!) but there are many days when it is just so hard - especially when you just want a five minute break from the madness!”

She is the author of the two children's books - Color Me Georgi and Mr. Doodle and the Flying Emu - both available on Amazon.

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