Combat Wizard – A Paranormal ESP Thriller

An experimental training program to develop telepaths produces a partial success. He is able to communicate, but only with other telepaths. But he's a functioning psychokinetic, able to move objects by mental power alone, and he has flashes of precognition. He might, given time, be able to do even more. But is he too powerful? What if he can't be controlled? Putting such an extraordinary person into the ultimate stress situation is probably not the best idea...

"Fun start..."--Ronald Q. Smith "... a fascinating concept and a lot of interesting characters..."--Bridsworld "Wholeheartedly recommend it..."--J. Drew Brumbaugh

Jack L Knapp

About Jack L Knapp (Albuquerque, New Mexico Author)

Jack L Knapp

Jack Knapp grew up in Louisiana and joined the Army after graduating from high school. He served three tours in Germany and traveled throughout western Europe before retiring. His current circle of friends and acquaintances, many of them fellow members of Mensa, live on every continent except Antarctica. Jack graduated from the University of Texas at El Paso before beginning his second career, teaching science. Always an avid reader, he took naturally to writing. He’s experimented with ESP (The Wizards Series) and woodcraft/survivalism; the deep woods of Louisiana were his playground, the setting for his Darwin’s World Series. He’s a knight of the Society for Creative Anachronism, so combat scenes involving swords, spears, and bows and arrows are reality based. Recent novels examine the challenges humanity will face when we begin to spread out into space. Beginning with a startup company building the first practical spacecraft (The Ship), to growing a business in space while overcoming Earth-based obstacles (NFI: New Frontiers, Inc), to humanity’s first contact with a non-human species (NEO: Near Earth Objects), the novels are largely based on current events. Jack’s boundless imagination is also in evidence, but you’ll have to read his novels to find out just how imaginative he is!