Compton's Trivia – Facts You Should Know and Facts You Thought You Knew!

Compton's Trivia
66 Pages
ISBN 9781798180198

An eBook on Trivia. Challenging, entertaining, fun for all.

Can be challenging, motivating, learning tools.

Includes chapters on sports, geography, history, miscellaneous.

F.M. rooks

About F.M. rooks (Toledo, Ohio Author)

F.M. rooks

A free lance published article writer. Just uploaded eBook on Amazon. Working on the paper back version. Writing a contemporary romance novel. Originally from Ohio, then to states of Oregon, Arkansas, and Florida for almost 30 years and now back in Ohio. A love of history, traveling and writing.

This was a fun project and a learning one. Trivia can be used for fun, learning and simply crowd pleasing! Working on novel now and a web page. Busy, busy