Conceived in Liberty – A timeless romp through the history of the Union of Royal States

Conceived in Liberty
166 Pages
ISBN 9781535578103

In 2063, archaeologists at a New York City dig discovered a hermetically-sealed box containing a memoir, a birth certificate for a child named Mobius (father unknown) and a male chastity belt.

The box also contained a letter addressed to a Queen Alyssa Pilcher. The letter referred to her as monarch of the Union of Royal American States. Alyssa ascended to the throne by murdering her father. The paranoid queen suffers from hallucinations of undocumented interplanetary aliens whose intention is to usurp her throne and enslave her subjects.

In "Conceived in Liberty," a comedic, sci-fi, time-traveling romp through an alternate American history, the queen asks Tamar Weaver, founder of AT&T (A Taste of Time), to travel to the past and repair the fabric of time, thus allowing Alyssa's reign to continue unhindered.

Tamar prevents the assassination of King Abraham I by Southern sympathizers including his unfaithful and incestuous wife, Mary Todd Lincoln, his son Robert Lincoln, Robert’s lover, Mary Harlan and John Wilkes Booth. Tamar realizes that conspiracy was still possible so she maneuvers a premature end to Robert’s life.

The heir to the throne is now the king's remaining son, Tad. One evening, the time traveler meets Tad and they make love. The following morning, Tamar decides that her mission was successful and she prepares to return to the 21st century. But after being mistakenly transported to 1776, Tamar is sexually assaulted by George Washington and gives birth to a son. But she does not know if the father of Mobius is Tad Lincoln or George Washington.

Don Canaan

About Don Canaan (The Villages, Florida Author)

Don Canaan

Don Canaan went from a Bronx tenement to success in television news film, immigration to Israel, return to the U.S. and print journalism. He edited news film and documentaries for NBC News in New York, and in 1974 immigrated to Israel as part of a group planning to settle Yamit in the Sinai.

Upon returning to the U.S Canaan became an unemployment statistic because news film had been superseded by videotape. The Ohio State University's School of Journalism came to the rescue with an offer to earn a master's degree while serving as an assistant in its TV news workshop.

Then Canaan was hired as staff writer, copy editor and photographer for The American Israelite where he enterprised many stories. His series, "Jews in Ohio's Prisons: Does Anybody Care?" won first place for best weekly journalism in Ohio from the State of Ohio Bar Association.