Conduit – The Beginning

228 Pages
J&A Publishing

Conduit: The Beginning is a thrilling blend of science fiction and action-adventure set with the gripping backdrop of an alien invasion. When Marcus, a young man with a tragic past and a rough childhood, stumbles upon the truth behind his strange visions, he’s soon thrown head-first into a battle to save humanity from an insidious master plan to conquer the Earth.

Grappling with his newfound powers and falling in with an unlikely host of allies, Marc must figure out who he can trust while unravelling the mystery behind his identity – along with why the aliens call him The Conduit. As the invasion kicks off and the takeover of humanity begins, Marc soon realizes that he’s the only one who can stop the alien master plan and save humanity.

Perfect for fans of classic science fiction and sci-fi thrillers, the first book in the Conduit series effortlessly blends high-stakes action with rich characterization to create an exhilarating adventure that readers won’t soon forget.

James Alexander

About James Alexander (Portland, Maine Author)

James Alexander

James Alexander has always had a deep fascination with science fiction and fantasy. As an avid fan of all things extra-terrestrial, he’s passionate about crafting unique and thrilling stories that bring the universe and its mysterious inhabitants to life. In his spare time, James enjoys exploring Information Technology, spending time with his wonderful kids, fixing things around the house (but breaking them more often!) and dreaming up new story ideas. He’s a lifetime resident of Maine, USA.

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