Connect for Classroom Success – A Mentoring Guide for Teachers K-12

Connect for Classroom Success
181 Pages
ISBN 9781096103189

R. Janet Walraven, a master teacher, presents actual classroom scenarios to model effective interaction with students, parents, administrators, colleagues, and staff. Every teacher needs a good mentor.

In this book, you will learn how to:

• Manage your classroom with confidence and competence

• Communicate effectively with parents/guardians

• Build a good rapport with administrators and staff

• Use your time efficiently

• Become a successful teacher

Educating children, kindergarten through high school is a team effort.

This book is for you whether you are:

• a first-year teacher or a twenty-year teacher

• an administrator or staff member

• a parent of a child in K-12

• a substitute teacher

Being an educator is one of the most difficult and most important endeavors in the world. This book, with actual examples and tips for K-12 classrooms, will help you find gratification and even joy in teaching.

R. Janet Walraven

About R. Janet Walraven (Albuquerque, New Mexico Author)

R. Janet Walraven

R. Janet Walraven chose to live in New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment, after having resided in numerous places all over the United States. Upon retiring from 35 years of joyful teaching, she devotes her time to writing, gardening, and traveling. Janet's passion is twofold: 1) helping teachers connect with all the education players to find joy in teaching and learning; 2) improving education by insisting that students of any age learn to read excellently through the Read Right program. Janet has written short stories, poetry, a World War II romance novel, and continues working on stories based on people she knows, places she's been and experiences she has had. Her philosophy is that life is short so grab the JOY of this day while you can.

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