Consequential Communication in Turbulent Times – A Practical Guide to Leadership

Consequential Communication in Turbulent Times
113 Pages

In an age of great volatility—fake news, diverse audiences, technology at our fingertips, and change at the speed of light—clear, concise, and intentional communication is vital to successful human interaction. Workplace miscommunications, be they well-meaning or not, result in lost productivity, discontent, and even violence. This book answers the age-old leadership question: how do we get the best out of ourselves and others on the job? Relying upon her experiences as a practicing labor lawyer, corporate executive, officer, human resources executive, and an organizational development consultant, Diana Peterson-More has developed actionable, easy-to-implement, and practical steps to successful communication, which is the key to getting what we want from ourselves and others. The volume is filled with stories of workplace communications that worked, and those that didn’t, and presents real-world solutions to ensure all communication will hit the mark.

Diana Peterson-More

About Diana Peterson-More (Los Angeles, California Author)

Diana Peterson-More

Diana Peterson-More, employment lawyer, corporate manager, executive, and officer, left a Fortune 200 company to launch The Organizational Effectiveness Group, LLC. Her company provides tailor-made services, processes, and products to align people with values-driven organizational goals. Through her career, Diana has touched the lives of tens of thousands of grateful individuals world-wide.