Create a Life You Love – Reflections on Living Life to the Fullest

Create a Life You Love
280 Pages
ISBN 1507636822

This is book is about being inspired by who we are based on our potential. It is about finding our purpose, passion and gifts. It is an inspirational book that tells you why knowing who we are is more important now than ever. We are moving into an era where lots of tasks are automated and our biggest strength lies in our passion and our emotional intelligence. The book starts with the author's story and everything she encountered in her journey; from working at a huge corporation that was supposed to be the best job on earth to building her two businesses which is a reflection of who she is. It also has short articles about life skills that help us get there and live a more fulfilled life. It is not about happiness at every moment but making most of our time here at a time many of us are asking meaning of life. It is not a self-help but a self-growth book.

Ozlem Brooke Erol

About Ozlem Brooke Erol (San Diego, California Author)

Ozlem Brooke Erol

Brooke has started her career at IBM working at different roles mostly in account management and marketing. She worked at local San Diego companies as a Sales and Marketing Manager for the coming years. After questioning a lot of the norms in the corporate world and wanted to make something more meaningful and fulfilling at work, she quit her job. She first went through the inner journey to find out her purpose and passion in life. She moved to US, changed her life completely with no jobs or plans and left everything familiar except her son and her husband, behind. After loving her own journey of finding her passion and purpose, she wanted to act on that feeling she always had inside: touch people in such a way to make their every day lives better. She started her first business (Your Best Life in 2003 coaching people find their meaningful work, their strengths, their passion, best careers that match them and their values. She is a graduate of Coaching Training Institute (CTI) which is an internationally recognized training company. She published her first book Create a Life You Love in 2015 in these topics. She loves to learn and grow. She was chosen as one of the 8 fellows in US at Life Reimagined Institute in DC to help millions of people find their life purpose to live a more fulfilled life.

After she met very unhappy and disengaged employees through her coaching business, she wanted to help organizations to have more engaged employees by creating inspiring work environments. She started her second company (Purposeful Business - in 2010 being passionate about changing the workplace to be better for everyone; clients, employees, leaders and communities. She believes in the power of humanizing the workplace. She is following many amazing organizations who do the right thing for everyone and have amazing bottom lines. She uses a methodology based on emotional intelligence and neuroscience research that has three phases. It helps employees and leaders of companies bond in trustworthy ways to be more fulfilled and productive at work. She also uses a culture assessment tool to make sure every new employee is a good fit not only for the job they apply but also for the culture of the company. She helps organizations get the best out of all three generations that are part of the workforce too. She had leadership roles in 7 nonprofits. She writes for Huffington Post under Great Work Cultures section.