Creating Profitable Special Events – From Dollars to Dessert

Creating Profitable Special Events
96 Pages
ISBN 978-1-4787-1319-7

Arts’ and human service agencies, PT0s and even non-profit economic development groups will benefit from reading this book. By following the simple steps described in this guide, those working in the non-profit world, whether as volunteers or staff members, are guaranteed to learn not only how to coordinate effective special events, but also how to maximize profitability and gain visibility for their organization .

If you are a novice, you’ll learn how to develop an agenda, generate ideas, create your committee, construct a timeline, establish a budget, and work with volunteers and staff. You’ll also learn how choose a venue, develop a menu, decorate on a shoestring, promote the event, and maximize the bottom line through cash and in-kind underwriting and events within events. If you are an experienced events’ planner, you may gain some fresh ideas and insights plus ways to streamline procedures to make your special events even better than ever.

The author uses personal and true-to-life examples to support her goal of making special events planning a simple, enjoyable and lucrative experience. A resource guide at the end of the book includes actual fundraising ideas with detailed planning instructions.

Karen Shughart

About Karen Shughart (Rochester, New York Author)

Karen Shughart

Karen Shughart studied English Literature at S.U.N.Y Buffalo, received a B.A. in Comprehensive Literature from the University of Pittsburgh and completed graduate courses in English from Shippensburg University.

In addition to the Edmund DeCleryk mystery series ( Cozy Cat Press) she is the author of two non-fiction books and has worked as an editor, publicist, photographer, journalist, teacher and non-profit executive.

Before moving to a small village on the southern shore of Lake Ontario, Karen and her husband resided in south central Pennsylvania, near Harrisburg. To sign up for her blogs and newsletters or for more information, visit her website at