Crusade of The Black Angel – none

Crusade of The Black Angel
276 Pages
ISBN 9781887982047

The Black Angel, Cody Frost, lives quietly and happily in his new life with his wife Ashana and their two children, Charlie and Rosy. Cody has raised the children to be able to face the same challenges as he faced in all his years as the best black ops agent in the world. His new team is as deadly as any he has trained before. In a cataclysmic moment, terrorists of ISIS attack St. Peter’s Basilica in Rome during a holy celebration. Thousands die, including the Pope and many senior Cardinals. The dome of the church is destroyed by suicide bombers. Outrage over this attack, sweeps the world. The church regroups and reaches out for help from everyone. Cody is contacted at his Positano villa and asked to return to provide his unique talents for analyzing situations and providing solid plans of action. His evaluation produces an incredible plan, which is adopted by the new Pope and put into action. The results are the creation of a Modern Crusade, which will not only eliminate the scourge of ISIS, but also redraw the political borders of the entire Middle East. The task is daunting. The outcome is unknown. The danger is real.

Phil Walker

About Phil Walker (The Villages, Florida Author)

Phil Walker

A lifelong career for him began when he was only 13 years old, as a radio broadcaster in his hometown, Fort Collins, Colorado. He says this was the year his voice changed. Over the next 58 years, he continued a much-celebrated career at radio stations in Colorado and Nebraska. He received recognition by state broadcaster’s associations, for forty straight years, culminating in him chosen as Colorado Broadcaster of the Year in 1997. Writing began early. He estimates he has written 10,000 radio commercials and several million words of news copy. His first book, a non-fiction work on American Western history was the best-selling book in Fort Collins for nine years and reprinted seven times. To this, he added eight, hour-long CDs with music, sound effects, multiple voices - sweeping sagas of history. Over a hundred thousand CDs have sold to date. Serious writing of fiction novels began in 2002. Thus far, he has completed 15 books, with the 16th book underway. Six more books comprising the Starlight Series joined his first book, The Galilee Foundation. Phil admits writing in the genre of Religion and Science Fiction was something of a tough way to crack the market. Then came the critically acclaimed The Black Angel, Crusade of the Black Angel, The Rangers are Coming, and the latest book, The Magic and the Misery. Phil Walker lives with his wife, Verna, a nationally known artist, in The Villages, Florida. When he’s not writing, he loves the days in his garden.