Da Blalas Go Olympics – Canoes of Fire

Da Blalas Go Olympics
24 Pages
ISBN 9781544060590

“I sick and tired of watching all da uda countries go. Eh, Sensei, we go Olympics!”

“School starts already, Māui.” “Hey Dad! Māui going Olympics! I like go to!”

“Pua, get school already!”

“Only going miss da first week! We no do nuttin’ anyway.”

“Eh, Kimo, Kolohe, Logan you like go?”

“Shoots! We go!”

Da Blals head off on their greatest adventure ever- the Summer Olympics in Rio as the first Hawaiian team!

“Do you know da rules?”

“What dat?”

Devin Oishi

About Devin Oishi (Hawaii Author)

Devin Oishi

Devin Oishi is an artist, teacher, cyclist, and all around thinker about everything: buildings, toys, paintings, inventions. . . but he never seems to be "done."

"Art is the means through which culture and civilization are passed down the generations." Mr. Oishi has been using his narratives to shine a spotlight on the past in order to move forward into the future. “I ka Wā Mahope l ka Wā Mamua.” “The future exists in the past.”

Mr. Oishi works in whatever material is handy in various genres. Most often he has pens, pencils, cameras, and computers. He has spent extensive time with paint and ceramics. One year was spent studying architecture where he was able to deepen his knowledge of 3-D modeling, CAD, and other forms of digital manipulation and woodworking.

He often draws or photographs whatever is happening. His designs flows from extreme control to controlled chaos. Often drawings are an amalgam of sketchy, vigorous mark making that carve an image from the page.

His work has been exhibited in Honolulu, St Louis, and Minneapolis. Recently, his work has been most prominent at the Honolulu Museum of Art School's Mezzanine Gallery for what has become Mangabento's annual summer exhibit. One of his paintings will be part of Imago Mundi at the 2019 Venice Biennial.

Straight out of college he started working in schools and has taught General Art, Ceramics, Drawing and Painting, Digital Media (videography), Graphics, and Aquascience at several schools.

He volunteered with or worked with many art organizations including the City and County of Honolulu's art collection, the Academy of Arts, Contemporary Museum, and the Japanese Cultural Center. He remains active in the art community organizing events with Mangabento and participating in Comic Jam Hawaii. In the past he participated with the Printmakers, Artists of Hawaii and the Watercolor Society.