Dads For Daughters – How Fathers Can Give their Daughters a Better, Brighter, Fairer Future

Dads For Daughters
224 Pages
ISBN 1642501328

For decades, women have been breaking down barriers, cracking the glass ceiling, and proving and re-proving themselves. Yet our next generation of girls is still growing up in a profoundly unequal world. It’s time to expand our efforts and accelerate our progress toward equality. To do that, we need more men to get involved.

Dads for Daughters is a much-needed call to action for more men to join the fight for women’s rights. Inspired by their daughters, fathers are uniquely positioned to become powerful allies for girls and women. But in a post-#MeToo world, it can be difficult for men to step in and speak up. Despite the challenges, many men are still coming forward as ready, willing, and able supporters, who want to learn more about becoming part of the solution. That’s where Dads for Daughters can help. This book arms fathers with the data they need to advocate for gender equality. It also provides role models by sharing inspiring stories of dads of daughters who have already had an impact. Most importantly, it offers concrete strategies and expert advice for how dads of daughters can begin to make a difference.

In this book, dads of daughters will find a wide range of options for where to focus their energy—from mentoring women to equalizing pay, from sports fields to science labs, from building empathy to combating gender bias, from boardrooms to ballot boxes. Dads who are committed to seeing their daughters achieve their dreams have an opportunity to improve the world that their daughters will enter. With every small step, dads have the power to make incredible change and support the progress of girls and women in their families, workplaces, and communities.

Dads for Daughters also offers women a practical guide for recruiting passionate men into action. It highlights successful strategies for working with men to support girls and women, and it offers resources for engaging men in gender equality initiatives. Women and men are stronger working together. Together, we can support a happier, more successful future for all of our daughters to thrive.

Michelle Travis

About Michelle Travis (San Francisco, California Author)

Michelle Travis

Michelle Travis is a law professor at the University of San Francisco School of Law. She is an expert on employment discrimination law and serves as the Co-Director of USF’s Labor and Employment Law Program. Her research focuses on sex discrimination, gender stereotypes, work/family integration, and disability discrimination in the workplace. She teaches courses on employment law and civil litigation, and she has won multiple teaching awards. She has a J.D. from Stanford Law School and a B.A. in psychology from Cornell University.

Michelle is the author of an adult nonfiction book titled, "Dads For Daughters: How Fathers Can Give their Daughters a Better, Brighter, Fairer Future." This book shares stories of dads who've become inspired by their daughters to advocate for gender equality in various ways, and it offers advice and resources for other men who want to get involved in the fight for women's rights. Michelle is also the author of an award-winning children's picture book titled, "My Mom Has Two Jobs," which celebrates working moms in a wide range of roles.

Michelle grew up in Colorado and now lives in the Bay Area with her husband, two daughters, and pet chinchilla. She is a former collegiate gymnast, a novice ballerina, and an avid nonfiction reader.

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