Daemonia – Book III in the DRAWN Series

594 Pages
ISBN 9781370860111

Juliet hasn’t seen Damon in nearly three years, or heard from him after the devastating letter his new soul mate sent her. When the chance of a new life in Chicago appears, free of her shattered family and haunting memories, Juliet resolves to let nothing get in her way. But whispers of love resurface and she must choose between her heart and a destiny that something doesn’t want her to find.

“There’s some kind of malevolent force in the universe that throws curve balls at you when you’re about to start some great thing, head down a really important road.” Hap's words to Juliet echo through the past and her potential future as she strives for acceptance at the prestigious MacLaren School of Art, as well as works toward a summer internship that will take her far away from all the places full of painful memories that surround her at home. But when curve balls named Al and Josh and Adam pull her in other directions, she must decide where-- and with whom-- her future really lies.

Maria Keffler

About Maria Keffler (Washington, DC Author)

Maria Keffler

Maria Keffler is a novelist, blogger, and World's Best Mom runner-up #2,451,752. She lives in Arlington, VA, near (but not in) the cemetery, with her three darling cherubs and STEM-y hubs. She blogs at www.wastingmyeducation.blogspot.com about things like tarantula-milking lawyers and the savagery of familial relationships; and she is presently writing her next novel and working on a simple formula to predict prime numbers to infinity.

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