David's Pretzels

David's Pretzels
26 Pages
ISBN 9781952567919

David's Pretzels is an alphabet book that is not only fun to read aloud and great for 4 to 6-year-olds to learn letter names and sounds but also helps with pre-reading skills such as the structure and pattern of books (left to right reading, left page first), the feature analysis of letterforms and letter orientation, and how we talk about letters and words. It features some unusual words and encourages expanding your vocabulary.


“Cute book! As a mom of a 4-year-old boy, there isn’t always a lot of patience to sit and listen to a story. But, this book is so inviting, funny, and entertaining, all while being educational, too! And the illustrations are simple, yet cute and fitting for the book.” - Lucinda C. - Austin, MN

“Really cute book, nice clean layout. Lots of new vocabulary words! I like that the author gives definitions because some of the words were new to me as an adult.” - MaryEllen W. - St. Paul, MN

“I love that the book inspired my kids to ask for pretzels and see what letters and shapes they could make while eating! I also love that the book introduces new vocabulary and includes definitions in the back while encouraging kids to use a dictionary! This is wonderful, especially in an age of spell check, or when my kids ask Alexa how to spell a word or ask for definitions." - Brytnie C. - Austin, MN

Helen Holder

About Helen Holder (Austin, Minnesota Author)

Helen Holder

My childhood ambition was to be a teacher, an author, and an artist. I spent 34 years in the first grade (33 of them as a teacher.) Since retiring from teaching, I write children’s stories and record the doings of the Ladies Floral Club and Friends of the Creche as the secretary for each group. I also do a little illustrating.

Other activities include origami, bookmaking, crocheting, traveling to visit 11 grandchildren and collecting nativity scenes. During the Christmas season, more than 900 nativity scenes take over the house and we become a tourist destination.

I live in Austin, MN with my husband Bill, and a few very hardy plants. My webpage is https://www.foxpointepublishing.com/author-helen-holder